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Fine Chemicals Catalog

From Milligrams to Kilograms and Beyond

Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) offers more than 700 compounds for sale in various quantities with the ability to support increasing scales as your project moves from medicinal chemistry applications all the way through to commercial manufacturing scales. Our fine chemicals catalog for the life sciences industry may provide good routes to compounds that may be of interest to you.

In the course of conducting research, AMRI scientists have made numerous scaffolds, intermediates and starting materials. Some of these compounds are proprietary and confidential to our partners and therefore not available to the public, however, AMRI has prepared many useful intermediates and scaffolds found in the literature as part of our internal research and drug discovery efforts. We decided to include these compounds – as well as others designed specifically by our chemists – in this catalog. These compounds are structurally diverse and we believe that you may find them useful in your drug discovery and development efforts.

Fine Chemicals CatalogTo browse our offerings, please click here or on the graphic to the left to view and download our Fine Chemicals Catalog. If there is a class of compounds of interest to you, but for which there is limited commercial availability, please feel free to suggest additions to the catalog.





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