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Drug Formulation Development

Drug Formulation DevelopmentAlbany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) is highly experienced in the development of pharmaceutical formulations for oral, topical, and injectable dosage forms. AMRI also has significant experience performing risk assessments and subsequent statistically designed experimentation for understanding the parameters and quality attributes that impact the clinical performance and safety of formulations, manufacturability of dosage forms, and stability in primary packaging. AMRI's formulation development group is guided by leaders with long tenures at major pharmaceutical companies and large contract research and manufacturing organizations.

All formulation services can be utilized independently or fully integrated within ongoing services at AMRI. These services include:

  • Drug substance in capsules/bottles
  • Blends in capsules/bottles
  • Dry granulation in capsules/bottles
  • Sterile liquid formulation
  • Sterile freeze-dried formulation
  • Sterile colloidal formulation
  • Sterile viscous formulation
  • Sterile suspension feasibility
  • Formulation composition design and development, including compatibility, stability and degradation mechanism elucidation
  • Topical ointment, cream, lotion development
  • Solid dosage form development for tablets and capsules using high/low shear granulation roller compaction, fluid bed and dry blend processes
  • Tech Transfer and manufacturing science support


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