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Synthetic & Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal ChemistryAMRI applies synthetic and medicinal chemistry expertise with the end goal of discovering compounds suitable for progression into human clinical trials. By working with AMRI for integrated drug discovery, you will be receiving a variety of benefits including reduced compound testing cycle times; efficient internal sample transfer; as well as rapid data-driven, decision making.

We have specialized expertise in the areas of controlled substance and high potency drug dscovery, as well as Antibody-Drug-Conjugate (ADC) expertise. Our complex chemistry capabilities include expertise with eicosanoids and polysaccharides and also includes the ability to handle challenging reactions.

Capabilities include:

  • Integratration with in vitro pharmacology and in vitro DMPK
  • SAR/SPR and/or Computer-assisted drug design (CADD) guided novel target design
  • Synthetic route design and synthesis
  • Custom synthesis
  • Parallel synthesis
  • Library design and synthesis
  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Chiral separations (Analytical and Preparative SFC)
  • Metabolite synthesis