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Project Management

Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI)  tailors business models for your changing needs and movements in the pharma and bio industries. These flexible and strategic models combine our global locations and capabilities so whatever you want from a CRO/CMO, from one-off projects to the highest level of value added and consultative partnerships, you get without compromising your goals or strategy.

AMRI has fully managed projects on behalf of our customers for more than 20 years. We manage products so you can successfully manage your strategic plans. Sometimes it is all about collaboration, but at times when you need a trusted partner to run with a project on your behalf, AMRI is the reliable source.

Project Management

Confidential Disclosure Agreement (‘CDA')
Through our Business Development Managers, a mutual CDA can be quickly exchanged to enable our chemists to immediately progress an evaluation of the best technical solutions to serve your needs.  Any information provided is disseminated under control, and all staff are bound by a company secrecy agreement.

Project assessment 
We will assess a proposed project in terms of its complexity, scaleability, likely batch strategy, best fit with our assets, etc. At this stage, any perceived risks will be identified to ensure they can be adequately mitigated within our proposed scope of work.  We also use an extended group of the best minds in the company at this stage to identify key issues and come up with the most useful ideas for progression, regardless of who the final project manager will be.

We take pride in the quality of our proposals, and gain excellent customer feedback on their content, transparency and innovation.  We will always include our best thinking on where breakthroughs could be made to shorten timelines; improve yields and quality; reduce costs; etc.

Assign project team
Awarded projects will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will assemble a team representing all of the functions required to ensure success. The Project Manager will be assigned based upon clearly mapped technical competences relative to the complexity of the project. All Project Managers are appraised on the outcomes of their projects and on direct customer feedback.

Deliver OTIF
On time in full (‘OTIF') delivery performance is constantly measured, and we will always strive to exceed requirements. In order to ensure best delivery performance we will invest in the best possible process design to give robustness and reliability.

Review and feedback
Every project undergoes rigorous review in order to assess and improve performance, and ‘Campaign Reports' containing performance metrics are produced. To help us to understand your ongoing needs, and strive for continuous improvement in meeting them, we often elicit customer feedback.