Obesity Research: MCH-1 Antagonists

Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI)  is seeking a partner to progress research and development of its advanced industry leading MCH1 antagonist program.

AMRI has completed a Phase I study with its first MCH1 antagonist candidate, ALB-127158(a). The study met both its primary and secondary objectives, demonstrating safety and tolerability. In addition, reductions in “hunger,” “desire to eat,” and test meal consumption were observed, giving first indication of clinical proof-of-concept for this novel approach to treat obesity. Analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid showed good drug levels indicative of brain penetration. Encouraged by this data, AMRI identified follow-on compounds that appear to significantly improve upon the profile of this first clinical compound, including higher CNS exposure in pre-clinical models, and potential for clinical efficacy at lower exposures. Multiple patent applications have been filed to protect AMRI intellectual property.


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