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Patent wall, AMRI Corporate HeadquartersChoosing Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (AMRI) means partnering with a contract research organization performing at the highest scientific levels. One indicator of this performance is the volume of our work that has been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals, another is the number of patents that have been granted bearing AMRI employees as inventors. Listings of each of these outputs can be seen through the links below.

AMRI scientists have worked with customers to design, create and test novel, patentable compounds and have been able to help customers build and execute a patent strategy to protect their inventions. We have done this by leveraging our knowledge of the underlying science and our ability to collate and interpret the existing art from literature and patent databases. On many occasions clients have asked us to work with them to publish their work. In addition to the many peer-reviewed publications, AMRI work has appeared in innumerable oral and poster presentations.

Our clients control all aspects of the release of the work they have conducted with AMRI where we understand the essential importance of safeguarding our customers’ IP. Indeed, the protection of your assets is an inherent and integral part of our offerings.

Browse our patents and publications below, or view our Discovery Track Record, which includes postings of some of the presentations from AMRI’s own research efforts.



With demonstrated success in all stages of the drug-discovery process, AMRI has adopted a collaborative approach to discovering pre-clinical nominations and clinical candidates for its customers. By embracing the entire drug-discovery platform and applying its strengths in medicinal chemistry, discovery biology, assay development and design, natural product discovery and in vitro ADME and pharmacology research, AMRI is able to increase the value of customers’ drug-discovery programs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.