Global Success Metrics & Compliance

25-Year Track Record of Success

With more than two decades of deep experience providing pharmaceutical services to small, medium and large pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and government organizations, Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) has mastered the art of scientific innovation. As your trusted pharmaceutical services partner, we aim to provide you with the high-value services that you need across the entire continuum – from Drug Discovery and Small-Scale Development, API/Commercial Manufacturing and Drug Product Manufacturing. Our service offerings are supported by a competitive track record of performance metrics, as well as an excellent inspection history.

Our Global Success Metrics in the area of Discovery and Development Services (DDS) include: 

  • > 200 Drug Discovery Programs
  • > 85 Pre-Clinical & Clinical Candidates
  • > 240 Issued Patents & Dozens of Additional Filings
  • > 500 Peer Reviewed Publications
  • > 400 Verbal Presentations & Posters
API Manufacturing Pipeline includes:
  • 78 APIs in Phase I and II
  • 23 APIs in Phase III
  • 240 Commercial APIs
 Drug Product Manufacturing includes:
  • 64 Phase I and II products
  • 20 Phase III products
  • 17 Commercial products

AMRI Inspection History

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